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Rotary expanded dryer

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Main features
※Does the rotary drum dryer is main body tilted slightly and can be adjustable within a certain range of rotating speed of cylinder, wet material by the charger into the cylinder, under uniform, tube of copy board flipping, material in the dryer cylinder is uniform distribution and dispersion and through the hot air (and flow or counter-current) full access, speed up the drying heat transfer and mass transfer. Thus achieve the purpose of drying. The equipment can be used in various forms to adapt to different materials, simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, large production capacity.
※By adjusting the output heat of hot air stove for baking of puffed food, more than 30% energy can be saved.
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The company manufactures all kinds of fully automatic ration packaging machines for solid and liquid materials: fully automatic palletizing lines; screw conveyers, belt conveyers, and pressure conveyers; materials mixing agitators and hoisting machines; various grain machines and fishery equipment. The company owns production workshops of 7,000 m2, an office building of 800 m2, and first class CAD design centers, equipped with quantificational static and dynamic testers and assembly section specially for packaging machines of 600 m2. The workshops are equipped with a large scale traveling crane of 15 tons, two traveling cranes of 10 tons, which can assemble and hoist large scale objects.

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The company is established to adhere to customer demand as the core, focus on research and development design, dedicated service, hope through our professional level and unremitting efforts to provide users.

Now has a group of lean management personnel and a high-quality professional and technical team, for the future continued development has provided the unceasing energy. We take quality for life, time for credibility, price for competitiveness of the business faith based on the competition in the white day industry.

The company always adheres to the cross concept of "innovation, quality, service, dedication and gratitude". In the absorption of new ideas, strict quality, a full range of services, insist on making high-quality products.

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