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Tenglong Machinery Manufacturing

Specializing in the production and manufacture of various types of powdery materials, granular materials, liquid materials, quantitative packaging machines and conveying batching systems



Set electrical integration and science, industry and trade as one

Jiangyin Tenglong Manufacture Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Ancient Yuecheng Town, northern Wuxi, along Taihu Lake, adjacent to Huishan Avenue, Wuxi, and Xicheng Road. The ancient town, blessed with outstanding people, has a long historic and culture history, with people being honest and kind, enjoying convenient transportation.

The company manufactures all kinds of fully automatic ration packaging machines for solid and liquid materials: fully automatic palletizing lines; screw conveyers, belt conveyers, and pressure conveyers; materials mixing agitators and hoisting machines; various grain machines and fishery equipment. The company owns production workshops of 7,000 m2, an office building of 800 m2, and first class CAD design centers, equipped with quantificational static and dynamic testers and assembly section specially for packaging machines of 600 m2. The workshops are equipped with a large scale traveling crane of 15 tons, two traveling cranes of 10 tons, which can assemble and hoist large scale objects.